Under normal circumstances, if you have a child you would like to join the school we would ask you to contact the school office on 01225 423526 to arrange a visit to have a look around.

However, with COVID-19 restrictions currently in place, we are not able to do this. Instead, we will be providing a series of information videos about the school that you can see from our YouTube channel (click).

You can also read an information booklet about the school: School Leaflet 20

The Admissions and Transport team at the Local Authority in BaNES process all applications. You must make you application for a place to them and you can find more about the procedure here.


In the Summer Term, we hold an information evening for Parents and Carers of children who are joining the school to provide key information about the school.

As an equal opportunity school we welcome all who wish to join us. We are able to accept 60 children to Reception classes every year but in the unlikely event of there being a shortage of places we abide by the local authority criteria for accepting children, which are as as follows:

Priority A

Children in Public care (Looked after Children) or a child who was previously looked after but immediately after being looked after became subject to an adoption, care arrangement order or special guardianship order.

Priority B

The 2 categories in this criterion will be given equal consideration.

  • Children who live within a 1.5 mile radius* of the school and for whom there will be a sibling in attendance on the admission date at the preferred school.
  • Children who live outside a 1.5 mile radius* of the school but it is their closest school and for whom there will be a sibling in attendance on the admission date at the preferred school.

Priority C

Children who live closest to the school as measured in a direct line.

For this particular school the 1.5 mile radius will be measured from a midpoint between the paired schools. For Twerton Infant and St Michael’s Junior Church School the midpoint is 29 Cleeve Green, BA2 1SD.

Joining us from another school

We recognise that there are many reasons for children to change schools. We would advise you to contact us to see if we have spare places and to come and look around the school. However, we are not able to offer places, applications must be made to the Local Authority via the link at the head of this section. We would also advise you to discuss the move with your child’s current Headteacher before making a final decision.