Week beginning Monday 1st March (T4 w2)

PhonicsStory MakingMathsStorytime
Mon 1stMonday Phonics
Part 2
Mon Story MakingMonday MathsMy Brother
Tues 2ndTuesday PhonicsTues Story MakingTuesday MathsDinosaurs don’t have Bedtimes
Weds 3rdWednesday PhonicsWeds Story MakingWeds MathsSnail and the Whale
Thurs 4thThursday PhonicsThurs Story MakingThursday MathsSophie Johnson: Detetive Genius
Fri 5thFri Story Making

Week beginning Monday 22nd February (T4 w1)

PhonicsStory MakingMathsStorytime
Mon 22ndMonday PhonicsMon Story MakingMonday MathsThe Cautious Caterpillar
Tues 23rdTuesday PhonicsTues Story MakingTuesday MathsCharlie the Firefighter
Weds 24thWednesday PhonicsWeds MathsThe Smartest Giant in Town
Thurs 25thThursday PhonicsThurs Story MakingThurs MathsMy Cat Just Sleeps
Fri 26thFriday PhonicsFri Story MakingFrid MathsCockatoos

Week beginning Monday 8th February (T3 w6)

PhonicsStory MakingMathsStorytime
Mon 8thPhonics Monday ighStory Making MondayMonday MathsMrs Armitage – Queen of the Road
Tues 9thPhonics 9th FebStory Making TuesdayTuesday MathsThe Old Toy Room
Weds 10thPhonics 10th Feb
Part 2
Capital LettersWednesday MathsTop Place Percy
Thurs 11thPhonics 11th ‘oa’Story Making ThursdayThursday MathsHide-a-Saurus
Fri 12thPhonics 12th FebStory Making FridayFriday MathsFormidable Sid

Week beginning Monday 1st February (T3 w5)

PhonicsStory MakingMathsStorytime
Mon 1stPhonics Monday
Story Making – Whatever NextMaths MondayMr Big
Tues 2ndPhonics Tuesday part 1
part 2
My Picnic part 1 part 2Maths TuesdayThe Hare and Tortoise
Weds 3rdPhonics Capital LettersMaths WednesdayThe Day the Crayons Quit
Thurs 4thPhonics Alphabet and eePacking for a Journey – to a hot placeThursday MathsBath to Earth with a Bump
Fri 5thFriday Digraphs
ai, ch, sh, ng, th, qu, ee
Story Sentence Writing – packing for a cold placeMaths ThursdayElmer

Week beginning Monday 25th January (T3 w4)

PhonicsStory MakingMathsStorytime
Mon 25thPhonics
Story Making – Whatever Next?Maths
Goldilocks and the
Three Bears
Tues 26th Phonics
Story Making – TuesdayMaths
Jack and
the Beanstalk
Weds 27thPhonics
The Zoo VetMaths WednesdayWake Up Time Bubble Farm
Thurs 28thPhonics Thursdayy Story Making – ThursdayMaths ThursdayThe Best Dress Ever
Fri 29thPhonics Friday Tricky Words Story Making – FridayMaths FridayAngelica Sprockets Pockets
Assembly on Bravery

Week beginning Monday 18th January (T3 w3)

PhonicsStory Making MathsStorytime
Assembly on Healthy Goals
Fri 22ndPhonics 22/1More PhonicsMaths 22/1Captain Flinn & Pirate Dinosaurs
Thurs 21st Phonics 21/1More PhonicsMaths 21/1Manfred The Baddie
Weds 20th JanPhonics 20/1Story Making 20/1Maths 20/1Super Daisy
Tues 19th JanPhonics 19/1Story Making 19/1Maths 19/1 p1
Maths 19/1 p2
Mon 18th JanPhonics 18/1Story Making 18/1Maths 18/1 p1
Maths 18/1 p2
Hurry Up and Slow Down
Weds 13th JanPh 13th JanSM 13th JanMaths 13th JanSuperworm
Tues 12th JanPh 12th JanSM 12th JanMaths 12th JanHow to Hide a Lion
Mon 11th JanPh 11th JanSinging 11th JanMaths 11th JanThe Three Little Pigs
Fri 8/1Ph 8th JanSM 8th JanMaths 8th JanLittle Red and Very Hungry Lion
Thurs 7/1Ph 7/1SM 7/1Maths 7/1The Gingerbread Man
Weds 6/1Ph 6/1SM 6/1Maths 6/1I will not ever never eat a tomato
Tues 5/1On the Moon

Story Making

Mr Kenny would like the children in Ash and Elm Classes to help him to retell the “Noisy Story”. Remember to do the actions too:

  • “Once upon a time…”
  • “who”
  • “So….”
  • “Finally…”

Phonics Videos

Mr Kenny records regular videos to help children practise and continue their Phonics learning at home.

Term 1

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