Term 6

Learning plan for children isolating:

Term 4

Explore this term is ‘Space

Here are lots of learning ideas and links for exploring space at home:

Space Activities

Space song

Term 4 Maths and Literacy:

W/b 1.3.21Literacy to watchMaths to watchOther resources
Mon 1st Monday literacyMonday maths
Tues 2ndTuesday literacyTuesday mathsFollow directions activity sheets
Dotted paper
Weds 3rdWednesday literacyWednesday maths
Thurs 4thThursday literacyThursday mathsRocket direction game
Fri 5thPlease do Reading Eggs
or Reading Express lesson
Please do Mathseeds
W/b 22.2.21Literacy to watchMaths to watchOther resources
Mon 22ndMonday literacy
Captain Flinn and the
Pirate Dinosaurs
Monday maths
Tues 23rdTuesday literacyTuesday maths
Weds 24thWednesday literacyWednesday maths
Thurs 25thThursday literacyThursday cooking!Thursday literacy speech marks activity
Cookie recipe
Fri 26thPlease do Reading Eggs
or Reading Express lesson
Online weighing game

Year 2 Learning Archive (Term 3’s learning)

General Learning Support

Year 1 and 2 Tricky word list to read and spell

Phonic resourcesYear 1Year 2
Sound matPhase 2
Phase 3
Phase 5
Phase 2-5 tricky words
Words to practice with
sound mat
Phase 2 words
Phase 3 words
Sounds clipPhase 2 (pronunciation)
Phase 3 (pronuncaition)
Phonic lessonsPhase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4
Phase 5