Friday 9th October 2020

Elm Class (YR)

Elm Class perfrom “Autumn Leaves”

In the autumns, leaves fall down,
See them floating to the ground.
Red and yellow autumn leaves,
Floating down from the tall trees.
In the autumns, leaves fall down,
See them floating to the ground.

Chestnut Class (Y1)

“All of me” performed by Chestnut Class

My hands are for clapping
My arms can hug tight
My fingers can snap
Or can turn out the light

My legs are for jumping
My eyes help me see
This is my body
And I love all of me!

Rowan Class (Y1)

Rowan perform “A Wild Walk”

On a wild, wild walk a while ago
We climbed a hill, we turned a bend
We crossed a stream, we stopped and then…


Big snow, thick snow, snow you could lick snow
white snow, bright snow, snow snow snow
We climbed….


Big wind warm wind blowing up a storm wind
High wind, wild wind, wind wind wind

We climbed….


Big rain, wet rain, hard as you can get rain
Warm rain, storm rain, rain rain rain

It all began with a fall of snow
on a wild wild walk a while ago.

Maple and Oak Classes (Y2)

Video Coming Soon

Red is for the sweet tomato sauce that I eat with my chips.​
Orange is for the fiery flames from the mouth of a dragon.​
Yellow is for sour lemons used to make lemonade.​
Green is for long runner beans growing in my garden.​
Blue is for the shimmering lake full of colourful fish.​
Indigo is for the delicious blueberries in my smoothie.​
Violet is for the calming lavender which I like to smell.​
My rainbow, my rainbow, these are the colours of my rainbow.