Ash Class – Reception

Helsa loves the story of The Gingerbread Man and she was able to independently write a section of the story. helsa always takes great pride in her work.

Elm Class – Reception

Kaelani for amazing writing in her Mother’s Day card.

Chestnut – Year 1

Ani did some lovely handwriting practice with Miss Haliday on Thursday and was practising keeping the ascenders (tall part of letters) the full height.

Rowan – Year 1

Hunter was carefully practising the stages to write ‘h’, starting with the ascender and then adding the rollover before writing the whole letter.

Maple – Year 2

Shayla has been working so hard at improving her reading and writing. Look at this lovely handwriting with her letters sitting neatly on the line.

Oak – Year 2

Lukus has been working really hard on ‘softening’ his letters – using curves where needed, as well as thinking about the height difference between his short, tall and tail letters.