Sharing Assembly – Friday 2nd October 2020

Ash Class – Reception

Alfie has drawn a fantastic picture of the children and sheep from our story this term called “It’s too Noisy”.

He was able to tell Mr Kenny why he drew and painted this picture and is getting really good at re-telling small parts of our story. 

Ash - Alfie

Elm Class – Reception

Melodie has painted animals from the Noisy Story. She thought carefully about what the animal looked like, drawing the shape, eyes and legs. She is also confident to tell our story. 

Elm - Melodie

Chestnut – Year 1

Gracie-May discussed her ideas with her peers and Miss Patterson on where her story could be set instead of the forest. Gracie May chose the beach and came up with a range of ideas by herself. Afterwards Gracie-May retold her story to Miss Patterson with her new innovations. 

This piece of work is ongoing, next week they will be doing the handwriting part. 

Chestnut - Gracie May 1

Rowan – Year 1

Sophie was able to independently identify one more/one less for a number up to 100 and she worked really hard to complete the table and even got on to a challenge of 2 more/2 less. 

Rowan - Sophie

Maple – Year 2

Finn’s explained seasonal changes using drawings and explained why we have seasons. He was able to talk about the tilt of the earth and the position of the earth and the sun.

Oak – Year 2

Anneliese focused really well to tell the beginning of our story, ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. Anneliese says that she has worked at home to learn lots of new spellings. Her spelling and handwriting has been brilliant this term and she is very proud of her work. She always listens well in class and tries her best to do her best! We are really proud of her too.