Our uniform is a red polo shirt worn with plain black or dark grey trousers or pinafore dress, as well as a plain red sweatshirt or cardigan. The polo shirt, sweatshirt and cardigan have the school logo on it.

All uniform is available to buy at http://michaelhope.co.uk and if you choose to have delivery to the school, there is no delivery charge. If you choose delivery to your home, a delivery charge will be payable.

Orders for September purchases need to be made to the deadlines shown on the website so that you can collect it from school before the summer holiday break. See the Michael Hope website for delivery deadlines.

Alternatively, a plain red or white polo shirt can be worn, as well as a plain red sweatshirt or cardigan. With this we would expect your child to wear plain dark grey or black trousers, or a plain dark grey or black skirt or pinafore dress.
Sensible black school shoes should always be worn. In the warmer months there is also the option of a red and white checked summer dress. Your child will also need a book bag for reading books.

Current prices are on the website http://michaelhope.co.uk

If you would like some help providing uniform for your child please contact the school, we may be able to help as we have some spare uniform that has been donated when children leave the school. Also, Mercy in Action, a local charity based on the Lower Bristol Road, run a service called Clothes Line which provides good qualtiy preworn clothing free of charge https://www.mercyinaction.org.uk/clothesline.