Term 6

Year 1 Children Isolating: learning at home plan

Week Commencing 01.03.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 01./02Lit- Mon 1st MarchMaths-Mon 1st MarchSleeping Handsome and the Princess Engineer
Tues 02/03Lit- Tues 2nd MarchMaths- Tues 2nd MarchDear Fairy Godmother
Weds 03/03Lit- Weds 3rd MarchMaths- Weds 3rd MarchThe Night Dragon
Thurs 04/03Lit- Thurs 4th MarchMaths- Thurs 4th MarchTidy Up Winnie!
Fri 05/03The Day the Crayons Came Home

Week Commencing 22.02.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 22/02Lit- Mon 22nd Feb
Plastic in the ocean video
Maths- Mon 22nd FebGuess How Much I Love You
Tues 23/02Lit- Tues 23rd FebMaths- Tues 23rd FebHairy Maclary
Weds 24/02Lit- Weds 24th Feb
Somebody Swallowed Stanley actions
Maths- Weds 24th FebSuperworm!
Thurs 25/02Lit- Thurs 25th FebMaths- Thurs 25th FebMr Tiger Goes Wild
Fri 26/02Norman the Slug with the Silly Shell

Week Commencing 08.02.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 08/02Lit- Mon 8th Feb
Magic Porridge Pot Story Map
Maths- Mon 8th FebBeegu
Tues 09/02Lit- Tues 9th FebMaths- Tues 9th FebWinnie the Witch
Weds 10/02Lit- Weds 10th FebMaths- Weds 10th FebThe Day the Crayons Quit
Thurs 11/02Lit- Thurs 11th FebMaths- Thurs 11th FebPlanets
Fri 12/02Dear Fairy Godmother

Week Commencing 01.02.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 01/02Lit- Mon 1st FebMaths- Mon 1st Feb
Counting by 2s song
Tues 02/02Lit- Tues 2nd FebMaths- Tues 2nd Feb
Counting by 5s song
Winnie and Wilbur Stay At Home
Weds 03/02Lit- Weds 3rd FebMaths- Weds 3rd FebSome Dogs Do
Thurs 04/02Lit- Weds 4th FebMaths- Thurs 4th FebGoodnight, Sleep Tight
Fri 05/02The Day the Crayons Quit

Week Commencing 25.01.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 25/01Lit- Mon 25th Jan
Magic Porridge Pot Story
Maths- Mon 25th JanHow to Hide a Lion
Tues 26/01Lit- Tues 26th JanMaths- Tues 26th Jan Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion
Weds 27/01Lit- Weds 27th JanMaths- Weds 27th JanDoris the Loris
Thurs 28/01Lit- Thurs 28th JanMaths- Thurs 28th JanThe Incredible Book Eating Boy
Fri 29/01Eat Your Peas

Week Commencing 18.01.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 18/1Lit- Mon 18th Jan Maths- Mon 18th Jan The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Tues 19/1Lit- Tues 19th JanMaths- Tues 19th JanWhat the Ladybird Heard
Weds 20/1Lit- Weds 20th JanMaths- Weds 20th JanCinderfella
Thurs 21/1Lit- Thurs 21st JanMaths- Thurs 21st JanOh No George!
Fri 22/1The Runaway Dinner

Week Commencing 11.01.21

Literacy to WatchMaths to WatchStorytime
Mon 11/1Lit – Mon 11th JanMaths – Mon 11th JanDon’t hog the hedge
Tues 12/1Lit – Tues 12th JanMaths – Tues 12th JanThree Little Pigs
Weds 13/1Lit – Weds 13th JanMaths – Weds 13th JanThe Highway Rat
Thurs 14/1Lit – Thurs 14th JanMaths – Thurs 14th JanStuck!
Fri 15/1N/AN/AOdd Dog Out