We love learning and innovating stories using actions to help us retell them. We have loved reading fictional stories and finding out about the characters and setting.

In our non-fiction writing we have made recipes, weather information pages, and instructions, and even our own class non-fiction book about Autumn. We often use practical work to initiate our writing (for example, cooking a recipe and then writing up our own version).

We have also enjoyed performing poems, as well as writing our own poetry. We love sharing our homework on a Friday which helps us improve our speaking and listening skills.

Y1 English


The children have been working hard on becoming secure with number order and knowing what one more or one less than a number is. From this they can begin to use their knowledge to work on addition and subtraction. The children played skittles to work on their subtraction and we encourage the children to learn creatively to look for patterns. We have been using Cuisinnaire to learn about number bonds to 10 and 20.

Towards the end of the term we started to work with money and recognising coins.

Y1 Maths


Explore times allows us to learn through investigation and questioning across a range of subjects. Through termly topics the children take ownership of their of learning through provocations.

This term our topic was ‘Opposites’.

We have studied artists who use colour alongside artists who work with just black and white. We then created our own masterpieces. We have produced colour wheels and some very creative autumn creatures using the leaves from our wooded area.

Using a variety of materials we have understood how to manipulate certain materials and the properties they have.

Y1 Explore